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Kieran Mote GST BSc


Kieran graduated from the University of Kent in 2012 as a Graduate Sport Therapist. Since then he has been working in the health and fitness industry to maintain a great knowledge of biomechanics alongside his clinical hours with clients. If Kieran feels there is a need for more research into an injury or body part, he will do so to bring the best quality treatment to his clients. In his experience over the years he has managed to build the perfect formula for all common injuries and how to manage them back to health.

He has a keen eye for positional faults or gait imbalances in training which can be a wonderful asset to fixing the pain you may be suffering from on a daily basis. A lot of us choose to live with their niggles but that isn’t the case, where there’s a problem, there’s a solution.

Kierans’ main focus targets tendon based injuries; these are the injuries that tend to linger for long periods and can give a nasty ache in the mornings or at rest. In Addition to working with sports people, Kieran has had experience in treating a host of conditions covering M.E., M.S., depression, persistent headache, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and many more.

Kieran’s clinical skill set involves various techniques including MET and STR, kinesio-taping, dry needling, strength and conditioning tailored to your daily life and hobbies, shockwave therapy, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, and sports rehabilitation to enable a rapid and safe return to activity.

Kieran is constantly reaching in different directions of the sports world, getting a first-hand knowledge of every sport. His particular areas of expertise are in Running, Badminton, Golf, Swimming, Diving, Cycling and Combat sports.

He has been fortunate enough to attend multiple events over the years covering a range of activities. Some of these are:

The modern pentathlon world championships
HARP 24 running event, attending every year since 2013
Brazilian Ju Jitsu open competitions
Aiding in athletes running the London marathon in multiple therapy events, more recently with Havens Hospices

Outside of work, Kieran has a keen interest in keeping active in a variety of different ways involving running, badminton and regular gym training. Alongside that, he wil always try to involve himself with local clubs or events to try and bring a face to his name.


Kieran working on a Havens marathon runner just before the big day!

Kieran working on a Havens marathon runner just before the big day