Results Sport Therapy


We pride ourselves on client satisfaction. Want to know what our clients think? Look below and you will see the feedback we receive.

“Suffering with lower back pain for half a lifetime, Kieran managed to set me straight in a manner of speaking. With a bit of posture rehabilitation and some exercises to take home, eventually the pain had cleared up completely and I could sit upright at my desk. Life saver!”
– Alexandra Webber, Office Worker

“Its been a long road from day one, but with a broken ankle it was never going to happen overnight. Thank you Kieran for keeping my head in the right direction and keeping my ankle from seizing up for the rest of my life. We finally got to the finish line!”
– Perry Morris, 400m Runner

“He is an amazing sports masseur and therapist! Strongly recommend him after having treatment and seeing some of my faster 10km time reappear after 8 years absence!”
Chris Taylor, Personal Trainer

“Good session, suffered with major pain in right Deltoid. Vigorous treatment followed by ice and rehab advice. Feeling much better after 4 days. Very knowledgeable and very good value for money”
Stewart Bristow, Weightlifter

“I’ve been receiving regular sponsored treatment from Kieran for almost a year now and it’s no coincidence that I have had my best track and road running season ever this year! The key to success is consistency in training and Kieran has helped me stay injury free which has allowed me to train to my full potential. Bringing my 5000m track time down to 13:41 this summer and my 5mile PB down to 23:36. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do this cross country season with Kierans’ support!”
Adam Hickey, Runner

“I was diagnosed with RSI in the form of tennis and golfers elbow in October 2012. This was caused by bad seating posture and not taking breaks from the keyboard at work. At it’s worse, I couldn’t open doors, lift pans (or pints!), couldn’t cycle or kayak, couldn’t iron more than two items at once & was in pain down both arms most of the time. I was given anti-inflammatories and was recommended to take time off work to rest my arms. I cut down to a four-day week (unpaid), adjusted my workstation and installed a computer program that forced me to take breaks from the keyboard. I saw a specialist doctor who said there was little evidence that any treatment would work in making my arms better and rest really was the best cure.
The anti-inflammatories didn’t seem to ease the pain, although with the additional work breaks it did help. I still couldn’t lift pans, iron, cycle or kayak, but I could work. If it was a heavy typing day, I’d come home and the familiar feelings would return. I started back with yoga, which helped my general well being, but my arms would still hurt after two days at work.
My partner spotted Kieran’s flyer in the post office and said I should give him a try. I went along over the Easter weekend and after a short chat about my symptoms, what corrective work I’d already done, any improvements I’d accomplished, a few exercises and my medical history, he started with the massage. I can honestly say, what he achieved that day was excellent. My arms felt so much ‘freer’ that what they had for over 5 months. I was so excited I turned the compost pile! Considering the most taxing thing I’d done with my arms in 5 months was change the quilt, it was very liberating! After another couple of sessions, I felt strong enough to ride my bike. Only for about 1/2 hour, but it was the first time I’d been on my bike since August the previous year. My arms didn’t hurt afterwards, which was a massive relief. When I told Kieran at the next session, he was very pleased with the progress we had made but warned me not to get carried away too quickly. I have slowly increased my cycling to about an hour. He then sourced some elbow supports for when I want to go kayaking or off road cycling.
I saw Kieran every two weeks throughout the summer. Sometimes the pain would be worse in one arm than the other, and in different parts. Kieran always took the time to find where the pain was so that area could be concentrated on.
I was still working a four day week. With a ‘normal’ sports injury, you should rest the part of the body whilst recovering, because this was work related and I had to work, the recovery time was a lot longer.
It took roughly four months to loosen my arms enough to start strengthening my arms. Again, Kieran showed me basic strengthening exercises and I was to do these when I took my computer break.
It took about six months of therapy and guidance to feel almost as good as what I used to. I am still ‘scared’ of doing some things, but now I realise I used to do too much! I’d like to thank Kieran for all the work he put into my arms. It was a long road.”
Lisa Wood, Runner/Rower/Cyclist