A Comprehensive Running and Movement Assessment

Kieran's Sport Therapy is all about seeing people make the most of their body.

As a sport massage in Southend clinician who has worked with runners for 9 years, I've developed a wealth of information surrounding injury prevention, gait retraining, and performance enhancement from research, courses and experience. The biomechanics of your run style can dictate your ability level and risk to injury, and if it's something you would like to keep up for life but seem to always come across one injury after another, I couldn't recommend this assessment process enough.




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Your movement pattern is very unique to you, as it is for every runner. Running is simple, but it's not easy; nobody ever teaches you how to run with maximum performance and minimum effort, and that's what I'd like to offer you. Start this journey to help you reach personal bests, hit less injury hurdles, and ultimate run safer for the rest of your life. And all it takes is a small length of time and determination!

One 90 minute assessment will give you all the tools you need. If you feel you need more of a push to keep yourself accountable, perhaps consider one of the two 5-week options available following the initial assessment day to bring yourself in and ensure everything is going as smoothly as we'd like.




 A 90 minute assessment and a 6-week take-home guide - £115

A further 30 minutes of drills once a week for 5 weeks - £150 

A further 30 minutes of drills twice a week for 5 weeks - £300

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Strength is power

The earlier you start, the better! Give me a call now on 07880 883 836 or send me an email at contact@kieranssporttherapy.co.uk and let's start building strength together.

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“Running drills helping already! 10km PB within 2 weeks!”


“Just did the drills, I seriously feel like I'll come out of this as a new runner”






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Give me a call on 07880 883 836 or shoot me an email at contact@kieranssporttherapy.co.uk to arrange a sport massage in Southend consultation today!

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