Strength and Conditioning Coaching in Southend

Kieran's Sport Therapy is all about seeing people make the most of their body.

No matter who you are, how old, or how in or out of shape you might be, you can always improve, and it's never too late to start! The old adage says that “the best form of treatment is prevention” and that's never truer than when it comes to your body!




My classes

I provide strength and conditioning courses as part of my strength and conditioning coaching in Southend. With my background spent among various sports, as well as dealing with my own injuries, I can tailor my programmes and sport massage in Southend to help you strengthen your body and keep you ready for whatever activities you enjoy.

These programmes can really strengthen high-risk areas, help you perform better in the sports you enjoy, and gain a much greater quality of life, injury-free!


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Strength is power

The earlier you start, the better! Give me a call now on 07880 883 836 or send me an email at and let's start building strength together.

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Why work on strength and conditioning?

It might not seem so obvious in the day-to-day, but putting in the work before an injury arises will save you a lot of pain and discomfort in the future. Believe me, I know! Strength and conditioning work makes a massive difference in casual sports, in endurance events, and in life. Even if you're not a sporty person, and find yourself working at a desk 9-5, like so many other people, you might be experiencing back pain. It won't go away on its own!

Strength and conditioning exercises are suitable for people of all ages. It's never too early to start the journey of self-improvement!







1-1 Session: £45 per hour

These strength and conditioning coaching sessions are tailored specifically to you. They are completely unique and designed around your needs. The first session will always be an assessment session, where we'll work out your strengths and your capabilities, before working out a weekly programme that will help you build muscle and condition your body.

Group Sessions

  • 2 People: £65 together.
  • 3/4 People: £15 each.
  • 5+ People: £12 each.

You are welcome to come to my strength and conditioning coaching in Southend as family, sports club or work groups but, if you are alone, or looking to expand your group, I may have other people looking to do the same. Give me a call now to link up with like-minded people looking to grow stronger together!

My diary is flexible, so get in touch today on 07880 883 836 or by sending me an email at to book your first session!

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“Over many years Kieran has treated me for running injuries, and delivered extremely effective deep massages at running events like HARP 24. Always delivers superb results. He's now training me in Olympic Lifting and working on my overall strength. My entire body shape has changed and, at 48, I'm probably the strongest I've ever been. We also have a laugh. Cannot recommend him highly enough!”

- Sherry Fuller, Fitness enthusiast





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Give me a call on 07880 883 836 or shoot me an email at to arrange a consultation today!

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